South India - Kerala (Nov 04-Feb 05) - The village where we are based, Vizhinjam near Kovalam, was especially spared by the Tsunami on the 26 of December 2004. Many people died and thousands were displaced 70 km North and just South of it at the tip of India (Cape Comorin). We all felt very lucky here. My daughter, Sarah, was swimming when suddenly the sea level went down, like a sudden low tide. 15 minutes later the water went up at once lifting everything on the beach but without the deadly wave experienced just nearby. A local who dives for a living saw the water level rise 8 meters (24 feet) while diving. Tourism is getting back to normal very slowly. A minor problem when comparing it to the horror lived elsewhere. Some people predicted the tsunami, like this young girl looking at bubbles on the beach hours before the disaster. The dogs usually so present on the beaches did not wait for the waves. A day after, some species of fish were seen jumping out of the water, something never seen by the locals. - To read some more comments click on the first picture. More will be added.

Selected Collection of Boutique and Luxury Hotels in India

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